air up®: 5M+ TikTok views and unparalleled engagement

Success story

air up®, the company redefining how we consume flavored water through scent, approached to grow brand awareness and engagement among millennial women in North America. They wanted content that would drive conversion while at the same time tap into the audience’s culture to create entertainment and conversations around the brand.


As with any collaboration, the perfect partnership brings together the product, creator and channel to create and distribute content that resonates.

Yuri Lamasbella, a TikTok creator popular for her Kardashian impersonations, was the perfect talent to make this happen for air up®. She has built a strong following of engaged fans in the target group and her fun approach matches the brand’s values.

After being briefed about air up®’s  content goals, Yuri scripted, recorded and edited a video that would both entertain her followers and place air up®’s bottle in a fun context. Being a data-driven company, air up® wanted to see the content and results before building a longer-term partnership.

She posted it to her over 3.2 million TikTok followers and air up® could watch it take off.


So far, the video has received 1.1M views and +100K likes on TikTok, and it’s still growing. And the success is not only seen in the massive reach.

The comments on the post are incredibly positive, with lots of viewers praising the ad endorsement as the "best ever", saying they would purchase the product based on the video alone. 

After the success of the first video, air up® extended the partnership into a second clip with Yuri, this time reaching +5.2M views and +750K likes. 

In summary, the partnership has opened up for a powerful collaboration where air up® can create entertainment with their product that people love and will remember. This means lasting positive brand associations that will lead to growing sales over time.

Now air up® and are working on new content pieces to engage their audience, stay tuned!

TikTok Views
“Partnering with Yuri and allowed us to create engaging content and distribute it where our target audience finds community and inspiration. Looking at the reach and the comments, I know this was a great partnership for us.” Paola Herrera. Sr. Performance Marketing Manager air up®.

Success stories

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