Superside: +55% CTR with star actress from The Office

Success story

This case study shows how Superside, the leading provider of Creative-as-a-Service (CaaS), amplified its value proposition with a clever ad featuring a carefully selected celebrity.


Superside's UGC-style video ads, starring employees, are funny skits inspired by relatable work-life situations for high-performing marketing and creative teams. This comedic storytelling approach has proven to be a strong strategy for standing out on social media and reinforcing the company's brand narrative.

But it doesn’t stop there - Superside’s creative team is always looking to keep pushing the boundaries, so they came to to take their skits to the next level.

Superside needed a talent that would fit and add to its unique style. We found a great match in actress Kate Flannery who’s famous for her role as Meridith in The Office and Marge in Brooklyn 99.

We decided that Kate should be in character as Meridith from The Office and do a guest appearance in a scene with one of Superside’s regular cast members.

Superside’s creative team wrote a funny script where Meridith’s boss confronted her about using Superside to boost her productivity. He thought Superside was a drug. Kate recorded the video and Superside combined it with a recording from their team member to portray this funny misunderstanding over a work video call.

The ad was then launched in Meta and LinkedIn ads.


Traditionally, using famous faces in marketing has been an efficient way to grab the user’s attention and pique their interest. This was also the case for Superside.

These numbers show how the creative outperformed other ads in Superside’s account:

  • CPC: -33%
  • CTR: +55%

Now Superside is looking to work with more celebrities to keep telling stories about marketing teams' constant struggle for performance. 

Stay tuned and make sure to check out Superside’s Meta ad library to find some inspiring UGC creativity!

higher CTR
lower CPC

Success stories

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