Vinden: 600% increase in social media reach

Success story

Standing out from the crowd is difficult, especially if you’re a start-up with limited time and marketing resources. Swedish on-demand storage start-up Vinden experienced these struggles firsthand as they found it hard to break through the noise without blowing the entire year’s marketing budget in one strike.


They decided to try celebrity marketing content in their organic and paid social media.

Vinden partnered with Swedish comedian and actor Fredrik Hallgren - a celeb relevant to their brand and target audience.

The campaign’s main goal was to educate consumers on their different storage offerings and consequently drive traffic to the company’s website. The script was funny while highlighting Vinden's USPs.


The results after launching the content in organic and paid social media were as impressive as immediate; 7x higher CTR (click-through rate) compared to previous ads and a flourishing discussion taking place in the comment section on both Instagram & Facebook.

increase in engagement
higher CTR
“You really need something extra to make plain product info appealing and not something you just scroll through - for us, a well-known celebrity face was a great way of achieving that. He added a lot of personality and creativity - and the numbers speak for themselves,” says CMO Dennis Rydgren.

Success stories

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