moonpig: 30% lower cost per acquisition

Success story

Moonpig is an online gift card company fulfilling 39M+ postcard greetings per year in their core markets UK and Netherlands. They recently added Australia as a target market and came to for paid social media creatives that would allow them to build brand awareness and drive sales with new customer segments.


For this campaign, Moonpig wanted to target millennial women, one of their strongest segments in the UK and Netherlands. It’s a popular segment amongst many brands’ social media advertising, which means Moonpig needed something powerful to break through the noise, especially as a new brand.

We partnered them with Jules Robinson, a star from Married at First Sight Australia. Her fan demographics, engaging personality and family-oriented lifestyle fit Moonpig’s brand and the target audience perfectly.


Moonpig’s performance marketing team is strong on testing and optimising creatives based on data. They therefore ran the Jules Robinson creative in a clean A/B test against one of their static always-on creatives.

In most cases static creatives outperform video for Moonpig, but not this time.

The celebrity video significantly outperformed the static image by the following numbers:

  • 30% lower CPA
  • 53% higher CTR
  • 5X post engagement

These results show that featuring Jules Robinson in ads for Moonpig allowed the brand to resonate deeply with the target audience, efficiently driving clicks and engagement that translated into orders.

It demonstrates how using celebrities in paid social media is an effective way to introduce a brand to new customers and speed up brand and trust building.

Now we’re working with Moonpig to expand the partnership with more celebrities, stay tuned!

Lower CPA
Higher CTR
Post Engagement

Success stories

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