MEDS: 10% lower cost of sales with 15 of Sweden’s top celebs

Success story

MEDS, one of the leading and most innovative digital pharmacies in Sweden, was looking to increase the effectiveness of their advertising on META and YouTube. Their main objective was to build brand awareness more cost-efficiently, and KPIs were CPV, CTR, and CPC.


We partnered them with 15 popular celebrities from Swedish entertainment, music and sports. It was a mix of aspirational and relatable names, handpicked to allow MEDS to gain attention, awareness and relevance from a broad target audience.

All the celebrities recorded authentic videos on their smartphone, delivering MEDS' offering and USPs in a straightforward way.

From the material, MEDS created 50+ different ads, targeted to different types of audiences and contexts. Among these were mashups where the different celebrities delivered the message in a joint voice.


The popular names and smart editing gave MEDS instant results. Here’s what MEDS observed when comparing to other ads:

  • 10% reduction in cost of sales
  • 28% lower cost per click
lower Cost of Sales
lower CPC
We already know from extensive research that genuine content with known faces are more likely to gain a viewers attention and engagement in digital ads. With MEMMO, we could really build on this and include a wide range of celebrities to make our ads appealing to a greater audience, in a very cost- and time efficient way.
Marika Baltscheffsky, Head of Brand MEDS

Success stories

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