Voggt: 50% lower cost per acquisition with celebrity marketing content

Success story

Voggt is a live shopping app for collectibles like sports memorabilia, fashion pieces and trading cards. They came to memmo.me in search of a solution to help reduce their cost per acquisition (CPA) in paid ads in the UK.


We partnered them with football legend Michael Owen. Not only is he an easily recognisable famous face, but he’s also admired in Voggt’s target audience of football fans.

Together with Voggt’s team we wrote a flexible script that would allow for different edits. The Voggt team then produced a batch of creatives to test in Meta, TikTok and Snapchat ads. Read more about their testing strategy here.


Voggt saw a strong and immediate uplift when comparing to their other assets on paid social:

  • 50% lower CPA
  • 30% higher CTR
  • Unparalleled engagement

higher CTR
lower CPA
The Michael Owen asset allowed us to achieve a significant reduction in CPA in the UK, opening up for scaling our ads in the market.
Kevin Loiseau, Founder of Voggt

Success stories

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